We find ultimate joy in perfect choral sounds and friendships! Ons lekkerste lekker is volmaakte koorklanke en vriendskappe!

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Cillié High School

Rehearsal Time and Venue

Cillié High School

Sponsor of the ECjCC rehearsal venue.

Wednesdays 15h45-17h30

Our choir turned 10 years old this year and we had a 10th Anniversary Concert and CD launch on Sunday, 19 August 2018 at Elizabeth Place.
27th August 2018
First Term Planner 2018 and Important Dates
26th January 2018
Revised Third Term Planner 2017 and Important dates
28th August 2017
Third Term Planner 2017 and Important dates
10th August 2017
Berig oor die Prestigekonsert op 14 September.
14th September 2015
Report on Prestige Concert 2015, presented by the ECjCC.
9th September 2015
Prestige Concert. Friday 4 September 2015, 19h00, Summerstrand DRC.
31st August 2015
All dressed in red and pink!
12th February 2014
Our new choir year started on a high, new note!
18th January 2014
Buffelsfontein Retirement Village performance
We loved singing for the people of the Buffelsfontein Retirement Village. Afterwards we were treated to cool drinks and eats. Thank you very much!
6th November 2013
We started inside the Boardwalk hotel, recording the beutiful new Christmas song. We then moved outside where it was a perfect day for some exquisite photos. In the afternoon we visited the Christmas Shop for the final part of the recordings.
31st October 2013
Louisa Meyburgh
We performed at the Louisa Meyburgh old age home in Kabega and met the wonderful people who live there
16th October 2013
Annual Prestige Concert
The ECCC presented this year's Prestige Concert and we performed withe the ECCC and the ECYC.
6th September 2013
Performance at Summerwood Primary
Anthonie Bougas (TV program presenter) visited Summerwood and we performed together with other guest artists.
4th September 2013
St Paul's
Performance at St Paul's Anglican Church.
1st September 2013
Summerstrand Village performance
We performed at the Summerstrand Village Shopping Centre where the senior citizens were having tea and eats, kindly supplied by the Centre.
28th August 2013
Pyjama party 2013
All of us, even Bamba and Tannie Hanlie wore pyjamas to choir. Tannie Janine made Hot Chocolate and Tannie Hanlie read a bedtime story. It was fun! (Don't make a mistake, we practised as hard as ever!)
17th July 2013
Kalene Botha was selected as member of the South African team to take part in the "Olympics of performing arts" in Los Angeles in the US.
6th July 2013
Performance at Munro Kirk 2013
It is always a privilege to sing at Munro Kirk. Thank you!
19th June 2013
Munro Kirk 2014
Another visit to Munro Kirk's special people. We love to sing for them!
19th June 2013
Bamba would like to thank all his teddy and human friends (from Despatch Primary, St Theresa's Primary, Collegiate Junior, Booysen Park and the ECjCC) for joining his party!
25th May 2013
Performance at Nazeaeth House
On 15 May we visited Nazareth House. What a privilege to sing to them! Official ECjCC photos were taken after the performance at St Georges' Park.
15th May 2013
The ECjCC was one of 9 choirs taking part in the Voce Volente choir festival.
11th May 2013
We love music and we love Bamba.
19th February 2013
Bamba, we love you!
13th February 2013
Thank you ECCC for sharing your watermelon with the ECjCC!
6th February 2013
Meeting new friends!
19th January 2013
A lovely performance by the ECjCC ambassadors of the Eastern Cape!
18th November 2012
Welcome new choristers! Congratulations on your achievements 2012 choristers!
14th November 2012
It was lovely meeting all the prospective new choir members!
3rd November 2012
Invitation to join the only junior regional choir in the country.
24th October 2012
We shared our singing with the wonderful and kind people of Walton Park. What a privilege we had!
24th October 2012
Die Burger. The Weekend Post.
20th October 2012
The ECjCC performed as guests of the Despatch Primary School
16th September 2012
Prestige concert 2012. ECjCC, SCCC and ECYC. Soloist Liske Potgieter.
14th September 2012
The DRC Van Stadensrivier was filled with flowers, tiny feet and slippers today!
5th September 2012
19 August: Kompas Church performance. 19 August: Celebrating Cillié's 75 years at their Choir Festival
23rd August 2012
Twané Slabbert and her family (including the grannies!) have already collected more than 2000 bottles for the ECjCC glass recycling project.
8th August 2012
Thanks Liberty!
28th July 2012
R20 000-00 sponsorship received from Liberty.
25th July 2012
The ECjCC's first performance outside PE. Thanks to Jannie Venter and the friendly people of the Victory Christian Church for the warm welcome on a cold and rainy night!
21st June 2012
Bamba really enjoyed the Teddy Bears' picnic with his ECjCC friends!
20th June 2012
A HUGE teddy party for Bamba, his friends and the choristers.
2nd June 2012
2nd June 2012
1st June 2012
31st May 2012
We loved singing at Munro Kirk Home.
23rd May 2012
Thank you choristers for a lovely first performance of 2012. Thanks Trish Watson for the stunning photos.
11th May 2012
Today the ECjCC choristers receive their colouring-in pictures for the Bamba Festival Colouring-in Competition.
2nd May 2012
PE Express 4 April
4th April 2012


Summerstrand DRC

7 September 2018 @ 17:20-20:00

Welkom! Teretulnud! Bienvenue! Tervetuloa! Wamkelekile! Wilkommen! Welcome!

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